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The Department of Agronomy provide theory and practical education to the students as per the course curriculum of B.Sc. (Hons.) (Agriculture). A students farm is available for imparting practical training in Agronomy. A live crop cafeteria for general awareness about the crops and their identification is also available for Kharif as well as Rabi season. A separate farm is allotted to the department for practical crop production programme. An Agronomy lab is established with the systematic provision different kinds of materials and equipments necessary for efficient use and through understanding of the subject by the students. Visual facilities like charts, photographs, models ,etc. have been created for efficient delivery of instructions. Samples of different types of seed varieties , weeds, fertilizers, models of various tillage implements, models of integrated farming systems have been displayed for identification and use by the students. Department of Agronomy has also established an Agro meteorology observatory for students’ practical purpose where the advanced instruments for the measurement of temperature, humidity, wind speed, soil moisture, leaf area, wind direction, wind velocity, sunshine hours, and evaporation rate are available which are required for smooth conduction of practicals. We also have the installation of the water measuring devices in the field for measuring the flow of water. A seed production plot is also available for students.

DEPARTMENT OF  Genetics and Plant Breeding

Genetics and plant breeding

The Department of  Genetics and Plant Breeding is actively engaged in teaching and research in plant sciences. The department is well equipped with all necessary laboratory equipments and instruments required for smooth conduct of practicals. Students studying in Genetics and Plant Breeding have many opportunities in Research and Development, crop improvement and breeding, seed technology, tissue culture, molecular and biochemical markers development, crop physiology, etc. This Department has expertise in the field of Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant physiology, Seed technology and Biotechnology enabling the students to acquaint with advanced knowledge of High Tech agricultural techniques such as Plant tissue Culture, Micro propagation and Plant Genetic Engineering. The Department has a separate farm for conducting under graduate students projects and experimental seed production unit. In addition to teaching through modern techniques, seminars, symposia, workshops, study tours, industrial visits and guest lectures are an integral part of the activities carried out by the Department.


The Department of Agricultural Entomology has all the facilities to conduct practicals, which include excellent collection of insects of different orders of agricultural importance, collection of different predators, pest damaged plant parts, collection of different modifications of insects & grain pests and damaged plant parts. The Cockroach rearing unit of the department is used to conduct experiments on the study of mouthparts, digestive and nervous system, male and female reproductive system. The college has a well-developed farm to aware students about different insects and pests , the damaging symptoms of pest infestation shown by various crops ,stages of development of important pests and  Integrated Pest Management Strategies. The recent activities of the department such as “Selfie with insects” and Apiculture experiment have attracted students to study entomology. It has enhanced interest and awareness about Entomology among the people.


The Horticulture Department of the college has  well-furnished laboratories with all necessary sophisticated instruments, equipments, etc. Department has a separate Nursery unit, Poly house and a Post-harvest technology unit These facilities are useful not only for regular practicals but also for students research project work and the Experiential learning program. The students obtain the practical knowledge regarding nursery management, transplanting of seedlings, preparation of nursery beds, raising of the seedlings, budding, grafting, etc. The Department is providing consultancy and demonstration of commercial production of seedlings of different flowering, medicinal and ornamental plants in the experimental Hi-Tech nursery available in the Department.


Courses offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics provide thorough understanding of the basic laws of economics. The applied economics is studied by the students in subsequent semesters. The Department has well equipped laboratories and illustrative charts to support participatory learning. A good collection of case studies as an outcome of persistent efforts by the faculty members and students is useful for final year students as well as researchers in Agricultural Economics. The projects, surveys and case studies undertaken by the department have always emphasized on creating relevant and useful information based on scientific analysis of socioeconomic status of farmers. Case studies and projects are mostly focused on the economic analysis of major crops grown in the area and information about socioeconomic status of the farmers in the region.


Extension is the soul of rural and agricultural development. Department has well-furnished laboratory with necessary equipments and Audio-Visual aids such as LCD projectors, overhead projectors, charts and posters of subject matter for a thorough learning experience to every student . The college Department is engaged in various extension activities such as profile studies, socioeconomic problems and gaps in adaptation of novel techniques of farming, vaccination drives, modern cultivation technology awareness programs, result demonstration, method demonstrations, etc. The Department is committed to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Agricultural extension to the students. The development of students’ personality and communication skills is also a mandate of the Department.


Department has all the necessary instruments and tools required for conducting practicals of the courses in the Department. The spacious and well equipped laboratory is capable of conducting practicals of 30 to 35 students at a time in one batch.

The Department provides education to the students of B.Sc. (Agri) encompassing four basic branches of Agricultural Engineering viz. Farm Machinery and Power, Agricultural Processing Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and Soil Water Conservation Engineering during their 4 years academic curriculum. Agricultural Engineering Department also accommodates an Agricultural Implements Shed which houses all types of Primary and Secondary Tillage Machinery, harvesting and threshing Machinery and other tractor drawn implements. The students are taught the principles of Agricultural Engineering and their applications in Agricultural Sciences.


plant pathology lab

The Plant Pathology Department is engaged in providing theoretical and practical knowledge of different aspects of Plant Pathology. In the laboratory of Plant Pathology, the study of various bacteria, fungi and protozoa is done. The Microbiology laboratory is engaged in isolation and characterization of different kinds of plant pathogens. The Department has all essential equipments such as microscopes, laminar air flow cabinets, electrophoresis units, autoclaves, etc. to conduct basic and applied research and teaching work in Plant pathology.


soil sci and agril chem lab

The Department has well-furnished laboratory and a soil and water testing laboratory with all necessary glassware, chemicals and instruments including Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotometer, etc. The Department is engaged in conducting the theory and practical course work as per the course curriculum of B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture. The advanced soil and water testing facility available in the Department is used commercially to provide accurate analysis of the soil samples provided by the farmers. The experienced and well equipped staffs of the Department provide professional consultancy and guidance to the nearby farmers of the area. The state of the art commercial soil and water testing facility of the Department also possess a mobile soil and water testing van with all equipments necessary for accurate analysis of soil samples. Through this van, it has been possible to analyze the soil samples on the field of the farmers in remote areas of Solapur and Maharashtra. This has facilitated accurate analysis and provided accurate advisory for remedial measures .Most importantly it is playing a role in curtailing soil degradation and soil erosion and also helping in soil conservation and reclamation to maintain soil health.


animal husbandary and animal science

The Department has been imparting technical education in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science to the undergraduate students of Agriculture. It is engaged in the applied research in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science that is beneficial to the farmers of the region. Another important activity of the Department is demonstration of important technical advances in livestock and poultry production among the farmers through trained extension workers. The Department farm has a goat shed, store room, poultry shed and cattle shed .The water reservoir present in the farm fulfils the need for water required for drinking and washing purpose. A gobar gas plant, vermicompost shed, compost pit and implement shed are also operated by the Department. The laboratory of Dairy Science is engaged in providing theory and practical knowledge of techniques of milk processing, formation of milk products, sensory and chemical evaluation and studies on shelf life of milk and milk products. The Animal Husbandry laboratory is involved in identification and proximate analysis of different feeds and fodders; health covers of farm animals, establishment of fodder crops unit, and cultivation of various fodder crops and study of organized farm management practices.


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