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Lokmangal College of Agriculture, Wadala VI Sem. (New) Session 2019-20 Provisional time table effective from 16-12-2019 Day 9.00 To 10.00 10.00 To 11.00 11.00 To 1.00 2.00 To 4.00 4.00 To 5.00   Monday   GPB-366 (I) ENTO- 365 (II) ECON-365 (I) HORT- 366 (II)   ENGG-364 (A) PATH-365- (B) GPB-366 (A) AHDS-364 (B) AGRO-3612 (C)   PATH- 365 (I) FST-362 (II)   Tuesday   ENTO- 365 (I) GPB-366 (II)   AGRO-3612 (I) ECON-365 (II) ENTO-365 (A) HORT-366 (B) PATH-365 (C) AGRO-3612 (A) ECON-365 (B) HORT-366 (C)   FST-362 (I) AHDS-364 (II)   Wednesday FST-362 (I) ENGG-364 (II) ENGG-364 (I) PATH-365- (II)   HORT-366 (A) ENTO-365 (B) ECON-365 (C)   PATH-365- (A) AGRO-3611 (C)   ELE  HORT-367 ELE SSAC-364   Thursday   ECON-365 (A)   AHDS-364 (C) AGRO-3611(A) ENGG-364 (B) ENTO-365 (C) ELE  HORT-367 ELE SSAC-364 PATH-365(I) FST- 362 (II)     Friday   AHDS-364 (I) AGRO-3612 (II) HORT- 366 (I) PATH-365- (II) AHDS-364 (A) GPB-366...

Carrier Guidance seminar for students

On 7th Jan 2019 a  carrier guidance seminar was arranged for B.Sc.(Agri) final year students. The speakers explained about positive thinking, choosing ing the correct option as per the aptitude and prospectus to develope a rewarding career.  ...

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